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The Law of Correspondence


After the Law of Mentalism comes the Law of Correspondence.  With this principle, we become aware of the fractal nature of the universe…a similar pattern repeats across all scales of existence: What does this mean? This basically means that our current “outside” reality is a mirror of what is going on inside us. In other words, our reality is a result of our inner most dominant thought(s). “As within, so without, as above, so below. 

So how do we apply this principle to our daily lives? We apply this by thinking positive thoughts and as we do this, our surrounding reality then begins to change to a positive one as well. It is important to know that as we change our thinking from a negative state to a positive state, we must employ our hearts/feelings and believe that this is happening. 

Many people find themselves disappointed that they’ve tried this for a few minutes but the end result turns out negatively anyway. Again, what’s important to realize is that your heart must be engaged in this belief as well and it is not just a matter of just thinking positively for the next 5 minutes and forgetting about it. It takes focus and a constant “re-guiding” of your thoughts from the negative back to the positive.

Let’s go a little deeper. So many of us have tried and failed and begin to doubt the validity of this principle. I know early on I doubted as well. What is needed, is to begin to recognize your “underlying beliefs”. Your underlying beliefs are the subconscious thoughts that may have been put there at a very young age. An example I like to use is when someone says that they want to lose weight. They do everything they can, exercise, eat healthy and yet, they find themselves frustrated that their attempts are not working. Why does this happen? One reason which is not outwardly obvious, (because it sits deep in your subconscious mind) is that as they were a young child, maybe they were told by their parent(s), “you will always be a chunky girl/boy. Being fat runs in the family”…

Our subconscious minds hold on to these statements as a deep inner belief. So how do we change this? We change this by giving ourselves positive affirmations on a daily basis…“I am healthy, I am thin, I am beautiful”, etc.  Another way is through hypnotherapy where the hypnotherapist can guide you into recognizing these underlying beliefs about yourself and thereby dispelling them. Also daily meditation helps you to change these negative beliefs.

Following these 7 Universal principals takes daily consistent effort. Again it is not enough to just “think about them” but going deep within to make the necessary changes in one’s thinking and beliefs. It’s about getting to “Know Thyself”.

Until next time, Happy thoughts everyone!