Thought vibrations



Everything is a vibration, everything moves and nothing stands still. This being one of the Universal principals or laws of the Universe, I wanted to understand it further. Physicists today are seeing that when matter and atoms are broken down to its smaller form and broken down even further to it’s smallest form, it is no longer matter but an energy wave which vibrates. With our current scientific instruments, they are able to see that these energy vibrations are at the very core of all things. 

Even our thoughts and emotions are vibrations. We give off a certain vibration depending upon what our emotional state and thoughts are at the time. For example, have you ever met someone for the first time and walked away either shivering to yourself because you sensed that that person gave off “bad vibes?” Conversely, you sometimes meet someone and walk away telling yourself that you really liked that person’s vibes. That person, or that space that you were just in…felt good.

When someone is in a good mood and acts happy, they are vibrating at a high frequency. When they are down or depressed, they are in a low vibration. We all change our vibrations through out our day and our lifetimes and it is possible to “vibrate in a high frequency” consciously at every moment. This takes practice and a conscious awareness. 

We all have a choice from day to day, even from moment to moment to change our vibrations. (By changing our thoughts and perception) Despite what is going on around us, we can choose to either let those moments affect us negatively or not. By making a conscious shift in our awareness, we can change our vibratory state from low to high at any time.

For example, you get out of bed in the morning and you stub your toe on the way to the bathroom. You swear loudly and go about your business. You go to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee and you spill coffee on your white shirt. Crap! You change your shirt and now it’s time to head out the door but then you can’t find your car keys. For some reason, they are not in the same place that you normally leave them. Now you’re upset and swearing out loud…to no one in particular but it feels better to swear and complain out loud. (It doesn’t seem to help you to find your car keys though). Now you’ve told yourself that this is going to be “one of those days”. One of those days where nothing goes right. Well guess what? With that way of thinking, chances are you are right. The day probably won’t get better. Why does this happen?

It happens this way because we have already “set the tone”, or set the vibration at which we will emit during that moment. So when something negative happens, we can learn to stop the low vibration or the negative thought by telling ourselves that sometimes, “shit just happens”. Yes, we know this to be true but in any given moment, we can choose to get into the emotional drama and get upset or, we can look at the situation as something that just happened and get on with it. No need to label it as a bad thing. At the very least, when we do this, we do not lower our vibration by thinking that that particular moment was “bad”. It was just something that happened.

There are some people who seem to be chronically negative. You know the ones, they are always complaining about how life sucks. Everything sucks and nothing right ever happens to them. They have “set the tone” along time ago. They have consciously decided that nothing in their lives seem to work out right…and it probably doesn’t.

They can change their vibration at any time by changing our thought(s). We change our thoughts by changing our perception. Our perception about any given situation is based on our past experiences that we may have had. We can change our perception by realizing that there really isn’t any meaning behind any negative, or even positive event. They are just things that happen in our everyday lives. It is each of us who add meaning to everything. It isn’t good or bad but neutral. The power of our minds and our thoughts dictate to us whether each event or circumstance will affect us negatively or positively and we “vibrate” according to what we perceive in that moment.

We can chose to vibrate in a high frequency consciously by telling ourselves that we will not let events, circumstances or other people affect us. We can chose to be happy in any circumstance. This is spiritual awakening…so let’s change our thinking and our perception about things and get on with life! No need to let moments affect you in a negative way. They are just moments…but you chose how you want to vibrate!





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