Walking through your pain


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the scariest things for me to do in my Spiritual Journey has been to look at and face my fears. To look at all the pain that I carried and to try and understand them. I had to look at many of the incidences one by one and recall how it made me feel inside. This is the hard part: to face those fears and allow myself to feel them once again. 

It felt like I had spent most of my life trying to not feel them. I did everything I could to not feel those scary feelings. I would distract myself by getting busy with doing something else, or I would drink to feel numb. The difference with feeling the pain when you want to heal as opposed to having the memories/pain just resurface at random times is, that when you have made the decision to heal,  there is a knowing that you will be “Ok”. That the discomfort you are feeling at the time of remembering is only temporary. 

This is why all of us often have those uncomfortable moments keep resurfacing…either through a memory that keeps popping up or an experience that forces us to remember those feelings.  It is the Universe’s way of letting us know that we have not yet dealt with certain issues. When those moments arise, we have a choice, we can continue to push them aside as we’re often accustomed to doing or we can chose to really look at them and ask ourselves what we are supposed to learn from them.

People (including myself) who always have the same problems resurface over and over again are actually being gently reminded that there is an old wound that needs to be healed and by continuing to ignore them means that we are stifling our spiritual growth. The sooner we decide to address them, the sooner we are able to move on.

Our fear can not harm us. It is just a feeling and remember from these past blogs…we are not our feelings. We feel what we feel based on each of our past experiences and if we understand this, we know that we will be ok. 

My message to you all is to let you know that YOU ARE OK…IN FACT, YOU ARE WONDERFUL. I know in the beginning, it doesn’t feel that way but once you have decided to take a look at the things that are scary and painful, the degree of power which you think those emotions carry will soon reveal to you that they really have no power over you at all…you just THINK they do…and THAT gave it more power. Take back your power by deciding to heal. Only by doing this will you get your power back. In actuality, you never lost your power…you just gave it away.

I love my fellow spiritual beings and I see that we are all the same. We are all here trying to do the best we can with what we’ve been given…but we forgot who we truly are and because of this, we have built walls around us because we are afraid. We are afraid of our thoughts, our emotions and we are afraid of others. We have become afraid of others because we feel that they may see us as inadequate, or stupid or unworthy. We are all WONDERFUL.

Take that first step towards healing…then take the next one, and the next one…and as you do this, you will soon realize that you have walked through your pain. This is the healing process…

Love, “My Journey in Spirit”

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